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Discover, Extreme Fun On Our High Ropes Adventure

Extreme Safety


Safety on our courses

Aerial Extreme gives you a great sense of achievement, created by pushing you outside of your comfort zone and allowing a perceived sense of risk. Clearly we do not actually want to put anyone at risk, so Aerial Extreme has adopted safety measures that are second to none in Europe.

Company values

The senior management team within Aerial Extreme steadfastly regard safety as the top priority and at no time will we compromise that value.

Aerial Extreme has unrivalled high ropes courses, built by the finest and most experienced constructors in the UK.

Revolutionary 'Clip and Go!' Safety System

Aerial Extreme has pioneered a revolutionary new approach with a continuous safety system. Gone are the days of constantly clipping and unclipping yourself to the safety line. Our revolutionary ‘clip and go!’ safety system allows you to remain attached throughout your adventure without having to unclip from the safety cable above. We can therefore cater for much younger adventurers in complete safety.

Our North Yorkshire course varies slightly as it uses a 'safe-self belay system', providing 100% attachment through the use of an innovative 'key lock' mechanism. This user-friendly continuous attachment method, while still requiring some interaction with the karabiner plate, prevents detachment of users from the safety line at all times.

Safety Management Systems

At Aerial Extreme we believe that the foundation for any company to provide a safe experience is to have a clear, relevant and detailed safety system. This is delivered by highly trained professional staff using the best equipment. We also conduct regular site inspections and all of our systems are externally verified.

Safety Policy & Risk Assessments

We would be more than happy to provide you with our Safety Policy and to view our Risk Assessments please click on the following:

For High Ropes RA, please click here

For High Team Tasks RA, please click here

For Ground Team Tasks RA, please click here

Get ready to have some serious fun!

Access Statements:

Milton Keynes
North Yorkshire

Please click on the above links to download the Access Statement for the location.